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Customize Event services

18 Colours is a full-service event planning and production company that offers a multitude of services from initial venue sourcing to realizing your event in the end. Our custom event experience involves organizing everything for you but making it feel like it was your own doing. We are a team of highly motivated, creative and innovative professionals who cater to the needs of all our clients by providing different types of services related to event management. From conceptualization to execution, we make sure that your events are tailored as per your needs and requirement.

We offer your group diverse, multicultural food selections and unparalleled service when planning your next special dining occasion. Whether you wish to entertain an outside caterer or host a meal in our catering kitchen, our experienced team will enjoy the challenge.

Exhibition Services

Exhibition services have been designed to assist you in the creation and setup of your exhibition. We pride ourselves on being reliable, professional and always accommodating our clients’ needs. Our company has a team of professional exhibition experts who can create a stand for you that matches your own specific requirements. If you want to get your products noticed in the crowded marketplace, then talk to our team about the Exhibition services.

Book Launch

Book launch event is vital for any kind of book. To promote your book, you will need many help from other people, so it will be very important to invite them to your launch party. Believing in your potential as a speaker and author is the first step to achieving it.

Our team has helped many speakers and authors book their initial launch, and we can help you do the same. Our company is an event and marketing company with a decade level of expertise, understanding the needs and challenges of small business owners. We offer a total package service that creates awareness, raise funds and establish credibility.

Seminar and Workshops

Event Seminar and workshops are certainly not new ideas. The greatest contributor to that growth is the demand for such a service. Each year there are hundreds of businesses, which hold seminars, and workshops for their products, which lead the way for us to do business, better in our activities. It seems that recently there has been a growth in seminar attendees who attend not only for the sake of attending an event but also in order to open doors to greater possibilities if they network effectively.

Your event, your way. Customize your event experience from beginning to end. From taking in the breathtaking views as you enter the venue to experiencing your choice of seminar and workshops, at Customize all of your event choices are yours.